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as a leading exporter of unique persian herbs exports a variety of high quality medical herbs. Tragacanth is one of the unique products we offer taken from Astragalus family.


Persian tragacanth, the best quality of Persian origin

  • Supply ability: 1000 Kg per month
  • Place of origin: Esfahan province
  • Packages: 30 Kg Bags Available with different customer orders
  • Purity: 100% natural



Tragacanth is a natural gum obtained from the dried sap of several species of Middle Eastern legumes of the genus Astragalus, including A. adscendens, A. gummifer, A. brachycalyx, and A. tragacanthus. Some of these species are known collectively under the common names "goat's thorn" and "locoweed". The gum is sometimes called Shiraz gum, shiraz, gum elect or gum dragon. The name derives from the Greek words tragos (meaning "goat") and akantha ("thorn"). Iran is the biggest producer of the best quality of this gum. Gum tragacanth has many industrial uses, including cloth finishing, calico printing and waterproofing of fabrics. It has been used medicinally for thousands of years, dating back several centuries before the Christian era. In folk medicine it has been used for a laxative, persistent cough, diarrhea, and as an aphrodesiac. Modern pharmaceutical uses include an adhesive agent for pills and tablets, and for emulsifying oil droplets in lotions, creams and pastes. Its superior water absorbing qualities make it an excellent thickening agent. Gum tragacanth is used in many everyday commercial products, from cosmetics and toothpaste to jellies and salad dressings. At one time it was the primary thickening agent in Corn Huskers Lotion. It is also used in syrups, mayonnaise, sauces, liqueurs, candy, ice cream and popsicles.
1. Used in food as emulsifier,thickener,stablizer and texturant additive.
2. Externally, in paste form it is used as topical treatment of burns.
3. Useful in beating the heat in summers.